What to Do After Google Cloud Print End of Life?

Google Cloud Print was a service from Google that used to allow the users to print from any cloud print application using any device in the network cloud to any printer. Moreover, it also allowed users to print from any Windows application if the Google Cloud Printer was installed on the machine. However, the service was shut down after its 10 years of inception. Google Cloud Print end date was on December 31, 2020.

Hence, we have brought some alternative suggestions against the Google Cloud Print end to utilize to carry on your printing with a Chromebook OS’s fantastic experience. 

Google Cloud Print End

Alternative Options After Google Cloud Print End

CUPS - Wireless Printing

Many individuals who were using the Google Cloud Print have now shifted to CUPS. It is known as the Common UNIX Printing System. This is a modular printing system that allows your computer to act as a print server. As a result, your computer becomes the host that accepts print jobs from clients, processes them, and sends the commands to the synced printer. After the Google Cloud Print end, it has become the most popular choice for printing among people.


Directprint.io is a unique platform for the printer’s management for G Suite and Chromebooks. It offers an excellent printing solution for Google Workspace organizations. Also, it has remote printing capabilities that help you complete your printing job without any hassle. This option for printing has become the first choice in many of the Education & Healthcare enterprises after the Google Cloud

Print end

In other words, it works as a full-stack printer driver from Windows, macOS, Chrome, and Chromebooks. Moreover, it does not depend on cloud printing or printer manufacturer drivers. Therefore, it provides you a consistent printing experience across all the platforms.


LRS is output and print management software that eliminates document complexity. Also, it offers a single and powerful enterprise print management. As a result, your desktop printing and applications are both well managed. LRS is an excellent alternative for printing work after the Google Cloud Print end. A large number of enterprises across the world are using this unique software.

Furthermore, LRS was under the development of direct partnership with Google. It allows Chromebook print jobs to stay in good management. For this, you do not require managing or installing anything on Chromebooks.


uniFLOW facilitates the users to use Chrome OS devices native printing system that does not even require extensions. It creates a secure and optimized printing experience for all Chromebook users. Also, it maximizes the advantages in enterprises. Therefore, uniFLOW is also an excellent choice for printing if you are looking for an alternative option after the Google Cloud Print end.

uniFLOW allows the users to preset the budgets. As a result, the students and other users can only print what they are permitted.


It is a Chrome Print lightweight extension. Pharos makes it convenient for Chromebook users to submit the print jobs into any Pharos print management solutions. One can do it from the Chrome web store. Usually, this tool is used for K-12 schools, companies, and colleges that manage their works on Chromebooks. This system enables you to save the documents in your organization’s system until you walk up to a particular printer of your choice and until you verify your phone or ID login to release the documents.


Here, we have provided the best and comfortable to use options for your printing work. One can also go for PrinterLogic, Printix.net, and Y Soft, too, to look for the best alternatives after the Google Cloud Print end. These are also good options that are convenient to use for your printing job.

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