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Canon App

To keep up with the growing technology, it becomes important for every business to build its effective presence on users’ mobile devices. Smartphone applications are acknowledged as the most effective and powerful tool for targeting the audience. The significant growth in the need for mobile technology led Canon to design its own mobile applications. Canon tried its best to offer its users with seamless and smooth printing experience right from their mobile device. Canon app are designed with effortless printing, scanning, and copying options and are best to enjoy flexible control over your actions. All the Canon smartphone applications are compatible both with Android and iOS devices. These applications will help you to seize your printer from your mobile device and enjoy modern and powerful printing. 

Not just one, but there are many Canon apps available for the users. You can install these applications on your device in just a few clicks. For a deeper knowledge of these applications, you must review the information provided below. 

Canon App

Explore All the Available Canon Apps

To make printing more approachable and convenient, Canon has designed a number of applications that run on smart devices. These applications provide freedom of printing with smart mobile printing solutions. Following is the list of all the available mobile apps by Canon.


This mobile application helps you to enjoy smooth and advanced printing from your wireless mobile device. It works with all the Pixma printers and helps the users in printing, scanning, as well as copying. This application can be installed on both Android and iOS devices. 

Canon Print Service

Canon has designed this app only for Android devices. You can simply connect your printer as well as a mobile device with wireless networks and conduct printing with this application. Using this Canon App you can switch between the colors, perform borderless and two-sided printing, modify the paper settings, print the PDF directly, and much more.

Canon Print Business

This is a smart solution for your Business’s Canon printers. Using this one single application you can perform both the printing and scanning functions. You can easily download this application on your Android as well as iOS devices. However, this application runs only for last or multi-function printers. 

Canon Photo Editing Applications

Above mentioned are the printing apps. However, Canon identified the increasing demand for photo editing software. This made them design photo editing cum printing apps. Some of these apps are Easy-PhotoPrint Editor, Selphy Photo Layout, Creative Park, etc. 

Learn How to Download and Install Canon Printer and Scanner Apps

If you wish to enhance your printing experience, you must download and install the Canon app on your smart device. These apps are available at no cost and hence, can be downloaded for free. For quick and easy download and installation, follow the given directions. 

  1. Launch the App Store on your iOS device and Google Play Store on your Android device. 
  2. Search for your Canon App by typing its name in the allotted search field. 
  3. Take a look at the available options of search results and choose the appropriate app. 
  4. If you need to get a deep insight into the Canon app, you can take a look at the available information on your screen. Once you are satisfied, you can initiate the download process by clicking the “Install” tab.
  5. Once the download begins, you have to wait patiently without closing the app or performing other functions. 
  6. After the successful completion of the Canon App download, you have to access the application. 
  7. Now, the License Agreement for using the Canon Mobile solution will come into view. Review the entire agreement followed by clicking “Agree”. 
  8. Afterwards, you might get several pop-ups seeking your permission. Allow them to use up your location and device store by pressing “Ok”.
  9. The main interface will now prompt. Finally, you need to add your printer to the mobile application. This requires you to press the icon positioned at the bottom and wait for your mobile network to look for your printer. For the process, you must check and ensure that both printer and mobile are configured with the same network. Once the search for your printer is over, you need to choose it and add it.

Take A Glimpse on the Working of the Canon Apps

The main interface and working of all the Canon Printing Apps are almost identical. Canon has designed these applications with a user-friendly interface which makes their usage simpler and convenient. In just a matter of seconds, you can send a print command with these applications. For the process of printing or scanning with these applications, look at the given instructions. 

  1. For a smooth mobile printing, start with launching the Canon app. This requires you to look for the app icon in the main menu of your smart device and click it. 
  2. All the options in the application are conveniently categorized as per app functions. On the top of the screen, you will find your printer model. Beneath the model, you will get options such as Photo Print, Document Print, Scan, Copy, etc. 
  3. From the list click the option as per your requirement. 
  4. In case you choose to print the document or photo, you have to:
    • After you click the Photo Print or Document Print option, you will get the list of the available photos or documents to choose from.
    • Make the appropriate selection.
    • The next screen will show you the printer and its settings. Make sure the correct printer is selected. Also, make the changes in the print settings if required. 
    • Finally, press the print tab and the process will commence. 
  5. However, if you want to perform the scanning function, you need to click the “Scan” option. After that, you have to:
    • Review the printer settings and do the required changes. Along with this, make sure that the right printer is selected.
    • Next, click the “Scan” tab. As you do so, a dialog box will appear asking you to preview the document or image.
    • If you are satisfied with the layout, click “Scan”.
    • Now, you can save the file in your device or print it by hitting the “print” tab.