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Usability of canon.com/ijsetup

Canon.com/ijsetup is a website that provides you a safe, secure, and reliable platform for downloading the driver. To print directly from your computer, installing the driver on your system is necessary. After the driver configuration is done, you can use the software for controlling and commanding your printer to print your desirable documents. Hence, the web page lets all the Canon printer users to set up the driver on their devices without paying any additional cost. All you need to do is visit canon.com/ijsetup and install the best-suited driver for your specific printer. Further, the web page also consists of online manuals of all the Canon printer specifications. So, you can review all the details about your printer whenever you need it. This guide will provide you descriptive and quick procedures by following which you can easily set up the driver on your system. 

Important Factors to Acknowledge Before Accessing canon.com/ijsetup

  1. To access the website i.e canon.com/ijsetup, internet speed should be of high-quality and effective. Also, the Wifi signal must be quite stable to avoid unnecessary interruption or breakdown in the entire setup. 
  2. It is advisable to have a fast and safe web browser that must comply with your Windows or Mac operating system. Also, if your preferred browser is of an older version, do not forget to update it before launching the website. 
  3. It is important that your device must have sufficient space required to install the driver. Otherwise, uninstall a few undesired software that you no longer use to make some space on your system. 
  4. Further, you should unpack all your Canon printer components, appropriately load the ink cartridges, and turn on the printer before launching ij.start.cannon
  5. Also, it is suggested to link your printer with the router via the wireless or wired method before going to download the driver. Ensure that the network status on your printer displays Connected.

Clear and Described Process for Driver Download

Pursue the step-by-step procedure for downloading the driver via canon.com/ijsetup: 

  1. Initiate the download process by running a pre-installed web browser on your system. Then, type canon.com/ijsetup in the address bar and hit the Enter key for effortlessly launching the driver setup page. 
  2. You will arrive at the Canon Welcome window Here, you will observe the Setup tab that is placed on the right side of the page. Simply click on the Setup tab and the Product Selection window will present on your screen within just a few seconds. 
  3. Here, you will see a segment of First Letters and Product Name. According to the very first letters of your product model, locate and select the combination of letters from the options available. Quickly a list of all the printer names that start with those particular letters will be displayed on your screen. 
  4. Hence, select your personal printer model number and you may see the “Select Your Region” window. Pick the correct region and if you do not find your specific region, you have to click on Others. For canon.com/ijsetup, move ahead to the next step. 
  5. Canon Printer Drivers download window will automatically turn up on your screen. Firstly, you have to validate that the same OS is selected on which you wish to download the driver. If required, make the OS changes by selecting your preferred option. 
  6. Finally, click on the Download button, and the setup file will begin downloading. Keep waiting until the driver gets downloaded on your system.

Quick Installation Steps for Setting Up the Driver

After downloading the driver via ij.start.canon, take a look at the following detailed procedure: 

  1. The file must be shown in the Downloads folder if you haven’t saved it in any different folder. Hence, recognize the file and double-click on it. If you notice the User Account Control pop-up box, the program asks for your consent to do some relevant changes on your computer. Hence, click Yes. 
  2. You will get to the main window. Find the language tab on the main interface and click on it. Review the selected language, click on the down-arrow key, and all the available languages in which the software can function will be shown on your screen. Choose the language you like and from the main program screen, click Next. 
  3. For setting up the driver, it is necessary for the program to communicate with the printer. For building a connection, You can link the computer to the printer either automatically or manually. Manual connection requires you to attach a USB cable from your Canon printer to the computer. 
  4. If the connection is successfully established, you will immediately see your printer name on the computer screen. Select it and the program will commence looking for the software that is best supported and matches your printer functions.
  5.  All the MP Drivers, canon printer software manuals, and other program lists will promptly be viewed on your screen. You are requested to enable the checkboxes of the software that you would like to install. Hence, mark them accordingly and hit Next. 
  6. The installation will start. It is to be noted that if you are performing the driver setup configuration on Mac, you may see the Mac credentials window at the time of installation. Here, you have to provide correct information about your Mac ID and Password. Hence, complete the requested fields and click OK. 
  7. Wait for the driver installation processing to be fully completed. When done, the Installation Successful window will instantly come up on your screen. Click Finish and it is also recommended to restart your computer.

How to load papers into the Canon printer input tray after driver setup?

Once you are done with the driver setup via canon.com/ijsetup, you will have to insert a pile of pages into the printer tray for printing the documents. But it is important to know how to correctly load the pages into the tray for avoiding all the printing errors. If the pages are not loaded appropriately, you will definitely see several kinds of errors on the printer screen such as there is no paper in the printer tray, paper jam issue, etc. So here is a comprehensive procedure that gives you proper instructions for feeding pages into the rear tray. Hence, read and follow the below-mentioned suggestions:

  1. From the top panel of the Canon printer, gently open the rear tray cover. Now you have to slide out the paper support completely out of the printer. Once you are with this, you will see a feed slot cover. Open it carefully. 
  2. Thereafter, slide the right paper guide to the edge in order to fit a paper. Now take a stack of A4 size papers. Also, ensure that the paper is smooth and is not folded from any of the edges. 
  3. Insert the number of pages as per your preference with the printing side facing downwards. Also, make sure that the length of the paper does not exceed the limit mark given on the paper guide as overfilling of the blank pages may trigger paper jam issues. 
  4. Now, align the paper guides in accordance with both the edges of the paper. Do not slide the paper guide too much as it may fold the paper edges and as a result the page will not be loaded properly. 
  5. Lastly, close the paper feed cover and slowly push the paper tray back into the printer. Now access the printer driver on your system, send print requests, and try to print a page.