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Canon Driver Download

Printer Driver is a software that is particularly designed to operate all the printer functions. The program helps you in customizing the document that you are going to print. You can adjust the paper size, paper style, page layout, font size, quality of the document, number of copies to be printed, and a lot more by using this software. The software can be downloaded on your computer or laptop via the Canon website ij.start.cannon. In a simple context, when a user wants to print using a computer, it is essential to have a printer driver. However, if you are concerned and worried about how to execute the download process, this is the perfect guide for you. Here you will get pre-requirements that need to be considered before downloading and an illustrative procedure for the Canon driver download. Also by following this guide, you will get to know how to access the printer driver setup window with ease.

Some Basic Points to Lookup Before Canon Driver Download

For Canon driver download, you need to recall the below-mentioned points. 

  1. In the very first place, your printer must be properly set up. Ink cartridges should be installed and a stack of papers must be inserted into the input tray. 
  2. The printer should already be linked to Wifi. There are various options available for Wifi connection i.e WPS Push Button, Cableless Canon Printer Setup, Standard Setup, etc. Further, turn on the same Wifi on your computer. 
  3. Also to eradicate unusual errors and for a fast driver download, you are requested to close all the applications that are presently running on your computer. 
  4. Further, your computer must be placed near to the router to receive better Wifi signals while downloading the driver. In addition, your printer must be within the range of the router otherwise the driver will fail to detect it. 
  5. To access the Canon website and for Canon printer driver download, you must have a safe, error-free, and functional web browser that supports your operating system i.e Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. 
Canon Driver Download​​

Download the Full Driver Package via Canon Website

Learn how to conduct Canon driver download process by following these given steps: 

  1. Open an internet browser that you normally use and which you believe is the most secure. It is to be recalled that you should clean the browser’s past history before visiting the Canon website. 
  2. Now, type canon.com/ijsetup in the address bar which is the URL of the official website for Canon driver download. Once you press the Enter key, you will conveniently get to the Welcome window. 
  3. From here, you are required to click on the Setup tab which will redirect you to the Product Selection window. All Canon printers have a label on its backside stating its model number. Upon confirming the model number type it exactly into the search field. 
  4. By selecting Go, you will immediately move to the next window for Canon driver download. Here you will see a reliable and safe download link by clicking on which the software will start to download. 
  5. Now, click Run and the setup window appears. Select the Language that you are aware of for operating the driver application. Click Next. 
  6. For building a solid connection among your computer and printer, select either wireless or USB connection and click Next. Once you see your Canon printer on the screen, select it. 
  7. To step forward, select the softwares that fulfills your text or image printing needs, click Next and accept the License Agreement. 
  8. One by one, the basic driver, XPS driver, manuals, and extra software will install.There are other additional steps that you will see after driver installation such as Test Printing, User Registration, and Extended Survey.
  9.  On a test printing window, click Execute. After printing the Test Print Head Alignment page, click Next. If you have not registered your product with Canon yet, you can do so on the User Registration window. Then click Next.
  10. Read the Extended Survey Program and click Yes if you want to take part in it. The document will be installed on your system right away. Complete all program details as it will help in determining the needs of the customers. When done, click Next. 
  11. This will bring up the Installation Successful window. Click on the Finish button and then restart your computer. This concludes the Canon driver download process. 

Know how to launch the Canon printer driver setup window

After the Canon driver download, you need to launch the driver setup page. There are two ways by which a user can easily open the driver setup window to adjust the print settings, print head cleaning, perform printer maintenance, etc. Hence, go through the given procedures and closely follow them for accessing the canon driver setup window. 

Canon Driver Download​​

Through the Application Software

Open the application that you have already downloaded. In the File menu, you will observe a Print option. Select it and then the Print Dialog Box will be presented on your screen. Here, select your model from the printer name field and then click Properties or Preferences as per your application software.

Via Printer Icon

If you want to launch the driver setup window by clicking on the printer icon, the very first step is to click on the Start Menu. Then, click on the Settings icon, and on the next screen, you will see various options. Select Devices and Printers option and from the list given, lookup for your specific printer model. Then, right-click on your printer and select Printing Preferences from the options displayed. In this way, the driver setup window will come up and you can set the print settings as per your need.