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Canon IJ Printer Utility

Utility Software is the software for evaluating, optimizing, maintaining, as well as configuring your printer effectively. Canon offers its users with multiple utility software and Canon IJ Printer Utility is one among them. This article is all about this utility software. If you want to know what functions you can perform using this software or to educate yourself about the launching of the software, you must read this whole article.

Canon IJ Printer Utility​

Learn More about the Canon IJ Printer Utility and its Functions

Canon IJ Printer Utility is a stunning software that enables you to accomplish several tasks to keep your Canon printer working. Using this software you can conduct all the maintenance functions of the printer. Along with this, you can also get the information about your ink level, perform the print test functions, configure the ink cartridge settings, and more. 

To make the best use of this software you must be aware of all the tasks that you can perform using this canon printer software. To discover more about this software, see the list provided below. 

Printer Cleaning – To keep your printer going for the long term, you must keep it clean from all the dust or other harmful particles along with internal cleaning. This is needed for enjoying smudge-free printing and to clean the print head that might be clogged.  This utility software provides you the option to clean the print head of your printing device and deep clean the print head nozzle. You are recommended to perform this function when you are experiencing a faint print even when your printer has sufficient ink cartridge. You can also conduct a system cleaning if your print head issue does not get resolved even after the deep cleaning.

Carry out Print TestCanon suggests its users conduct the print test to make themselves aware of the print head condition. ij.start.cannon Printer Utility will help you know if you know the condition of your print head through a nozzle check pattern print. When you get the print, you can look if your printer’s ink or any specific color fainted or not. If the print faints, you should perform the cleaning right there. 

Change the Power Setting – Another function is to manage the power of your printing machine. You can turn on or off your printer right from the application. Also, you can change the printer power settings to reduce power consumption. For this, you can turn on the Auto power feature that will automatically turn your printer on when you send a command and turn it off when it remains idle. 

Get the link level InformationThis is yet another important feature with which you can get all the required information about the ink level of your printer. Using this, you can increase the life of your printer by never sending the command when the ink is low. You can also get the estimated usage of your ink cartridge to better understand your printer.

Other FunctionsThere are some other functions too that you can execute using your utility software. These functions are to reduce the noise of your printer by enabling silent feature, flip between various printer operating modes, add or remove print job IDs, and much more.

How to Launch the Canon IJ Printer Utility?

Generally, Canon IJ Printer Utility software comes along with the Canon MP Printer Drivers. When you install the printer driver, this software gets installed with it. However, you can also search for it with your printer model number. Once you get the software, you need to launch it on your computing device for managing your printer. However, this utility software is compatible only with a few printer models. In case your printer model does not support Canon IJ Printer Utility, then you can access the user interface to maintain your printing machine. 

Note: The process mentioned underneath is for the Mac operating system. However, it might vary with the OS you use. 

  1. To begin the launching, you first need to turn your printer on. You can easily do this by pressing the power button which is a location somewhere on the control panel of your Canon printer.
  2. Now, you need to access the Apple menu on your system. The menu will come into view as you click the “Apple” shaped icon which is positioned on the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. As you click the icon, a drop-down list of several options will appear. Move your cursor and choose the option “System Preferences” from the list. 
  4. After this, you will get any one of the given options on your screen. These options will differ with the versions of the operating system you are currently using. 
    • Print and Scan
    • Print & Fax
    • Print & Scanners
  5. The next step of launching the utility software is to make the selection for your Canon printer. Following this, select “Open Print Queue” and finally choose the “Utility” toolbar. 
  6. Now the Utility window will prompt on your window. In the window, you will first get the printer’s name. Choose it and then, click the “Maintenance” tab. For this tab, you have to look at the lower-right corner of the dialog box. 
  7. This will successfully launch the Canon IJ Printer Utility on your device. Now, all the extraordinary functions will display. You can choose any of the functions that you wish to execute and follow the on-screen directions to complete the process.