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Canon Laser Printer Review 2020

Canon is a renowned manufacturer of world-class printing devices. It produces high-quality, powerful, and innovative printers that are perfect to fit in all your needs and requirements. These printers are perfect to take printing experience to the next level. To fulfill the needs of different users, Canon offers an extensive range to explore. There are different printers offered by Canon such as Laser printers, Inkjet, Multifunction, etc. Among the wide variety of Canon Printers, laser printers are widely recognized one. A Canon laser printer is the best to deliver high-quality prints using the digital printing processes. It uses the laser beam to perform the printing functions. There is a long list of Canon laser printers such as imageCLASS LBP325x, imageCLASS LBP664Cx, imageCLASS LBP2900B, imageCLASS LBP162dw, and many more. To know more about the laser printers offered by Canon, you must take a look at the information provided below. This article stating “Canon Laser Printer Review 2020” provides you with all the information that will educate you more about the laser printers and helps you in making an appropriate decision. 

Canon Laser Printer

Key Features of Canon Laser Printers

The Canon laser printer is crafted with lots of creativity, fine technology, and asymmetric design. With lots of features, this printer becomes a perfect partner for all your printing needs. To get a deep insight into the Laser printers by Canon, you must check the key features provided underneath. 

Note: These features might vary with the printer model. You must check all the available products and choose the one that fits in best with your requirements. 

Auto-Duplex Printing – 

The Canon laser printer is designed with an auto-duplex printing engine that not just makes the printer eco-friendly but also reduces paper usage to almost half. Irrespective of the reduction in paper usage, these printers maintain print quality along with efficiency. Auto-duplex printing feature helps in printing on both the sides of the pages. This helps in reducing paper wastage as well as time. 

Massive Paper Input Capacity – 

These Canon printers have a multi-purpose tray that is perfect to hold more number of papers. In general, these printers have normal paper input trays. However, to enjoy massive paper input capacity you can expand the paper feeders. This makes the Canon laser primer suitable for all printing environments. 

Mobile Friendly – 

All the laser printers by Canon are armed with mobile applications. This enhances the printing flexibility and helps the users in getting the print in just one click. These mobile applications are compatible both with Android and iOS devices and can be easily installed from the provided application stores.

Wireless Connectivity –

To reduce the hassle of the cables, Canon has designed these laser printers with wireless connectivity. You can easily do canon printer wireless setup not just with the router but also with your smart device. This makes the network connection more easier and effective. 

Low Maintenance Printer –

The tonner replacement in these Canon printers is quite simple and easy. You effortlessly do this using the auto toner seal remover. Also, the users can use the high cartridge with their printers that will help them to enjoy high-volume printing with lesser usage of the cartridge. This makes these printers low maintenance and fuss-free. 

Application Library Enabled –

Canon tried its best to help the users in making their work smarter and effective with its Application Library. This library is full of innovative ideas that help the users to keep their frequently used forms or other documents safe on the device. Users then easily print them right from their device. Along with this, using this library, users can share their documents in a single tap to the predefined locations.

Other Features – 

The list of Canon Laser Printer features is pretty long. Here are some more features that help you to get familiar with the laser printers. Other features are high-resolution LCD screen, Scan enabled printers, Auto document feeder, high print quality, and much more. 


Areas where Canon Laser Printer Needs Improvement

Canon Laser Printer is an electronic device that is designed with high-end technology and a lot of innovative features. Its ground-breaking technology paves a way for the improvements. All the products have both the benefits as well as downsides. Hence, for making a purchase decision we must have to look at the areas that need improvements too. A glance at the given information will help you to know more about the Canon laser printer.

Cost – 
These Canon printers are a bit overpriced. The general price of these printers is higher than others. Along with this, the initial setup of these printers also needs higher investment. This makes this product unsuitable for users with a lesser budget. 

Paper Choice –
Only a few kinds of papers are supported by the Canon laser printer. You can not enjoy printing on a textured paper or on a photo paper with your laser printer this leads to a lesser paper choice. Not just the paper texture, but you can not use a cheap paper on these printers as they print too fast and can destroy a low priced paper.

Power Consumption – 

Laser printers consume much more power even when you are not performing any printing function and they are kept idle.