Canon MX490 Printer Setup

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Canon MX490 Printer Setup

Canon MX490 printer setup has now become easy even without having technical know-how. This is all possible with the assistance of industry experts. We, Canon printer customer support service provider, are here to help you with the canon printer setup process. The following are the complete instructions for the setup of your Canon MX490 printer. 

Instructions for Canon MX490 Printer Driver Download

The Canon MX490 printer setup begins with the download of the canon printer drivers. The driver is considered to be an important software for the performance of your printing machine. Hence, start with the download.

  1. The process for download requires you to visit the “usa.canon.com/supprt” webpage. 
  2. Then, enter your printer model in the given field in order to get your hands on a compatible printer driver. 
  3. Once you reach the Canon MX490 printer setup window, click the “Drivers & download” option. 
  4. From the list of the drivers, choose the one that you want to download. The printer driver consists of multiple software in it. Hence, you are recommended to make the selection of a full-driver and software package. Make the correct selection and hit the “Select” tab.
  5. This will then show you some instructions for the further process and the driver specifications. Review the information and hit “Download”. 
  6. Once the download begins, you can relax and wait. Later, you can get access to the file from the selected or default location. 
Canon MX490 Printer Setup​

Get the Assistance for Installing the Canon MX490 Printer Setup File

The next step of the Canon MX490 printer setup involves the use of your printer. Hence, it is suggested to keep your printer ready with all its hardware setup done. So, do all the required steps like unpacking, connecting cables, adding paper, and installing ink. Make sure you place your printer on a flat table or another smooth surface. For uninterrupted network connecting, you must choose the location which is within the range of your router. As you are setting it up, you can move along with the given directions to install canon printer driver. 

  1. You must turn on your printer before you start with the Canon MX490 Printer Setup process. Hence, press the Power button from the upper panel of your printer.
  2. Now, on your computing system, access the printer driver setup file. 
  3. As you click the setup file, you might get the popup boxes seeking your permission for the required changes. Permit them and step ahead. 
  4. In the initial window, that will prompt on your screen, you simply have to click the “Next” tab. 
  5. After that, the mac users will get one more popup box on their screen. On this popup box, you have to provide your username and password that are linked with your administrator account. 
  6. Next, the connection window will now appear on your screen. In this window, you will get two connection options i.e. “Wireless Connection” and “USB Connection”. Make the appropriate choice from the printer-system connection. 
  7. Afterwards, you will get the instructions for connecting your printer to the network on your screen. In case you are already done with the printer’s network configuration, then you can click “Next” without following the instructions. Following all the instructions, you can form a stable connection. Make sure the same network is connected to both of your devices i.e printer and system. 
  8. Once you are done forming the connection, you will the window for selecting the place where you reside.
  9. Followed to this, the software selection list will come into view. The list will include all the software that you can install for the Canon MX490 printer setup. Step ahead by making the selection.
  10. You will then get the license agreement. By making yourself familiar with the terms, press “Yes” to show your acceptance. 
  11. The installation will now begin. After waiting for a minute, the completed message will prompt. Hit the “Complete” tab and come out of the wizard. 
  12. You might also get the screen for Adding your printer or print head alignment, etc. If you are interested in performing these procedures, you can move ahead with them by following the on-screen directions. Else, click “Close” and conclude the process.

Learn How to Maintain your Canon Printer

Using a sophisticated machine requires a lot of maintenance to keep it working for the long term. There are several procedures that you must follow to upkeep your printing machine. These processes can be printer cleaning, replacing the ink and papers, updating your Canon printer, etc. To know more about the maintenance of the printer, look at the processes mentioned below. 

  • The basic maintenance process is the cleaning of your printer. This requires you to clean the printer from outside using a wet cloth. For this, make your printer is turned off and is unplugged from the power source. 
  • Another step is to check the printer nozzles and deep clean your printer from inside using the printer driver application. 
  • Reinstalling the Ink Cartridge into your canon printer. For this, take a new ink cartridge and fill in the slots. Also, replace the toner cartridge by uplifting the upper panel.
  • Relocate your printing device is another useful step. Keeping a device on a location for the long term will gather the dust around it. So, you must lift your printer carefully, keep it on a new location. You can again keep it on its previous location by cleaning it off. 
  • Another method that you must try for the maintenance of your printer is to remove the papers that are loaded in it. Alling them, remove all the folds, and then keep them inside. 
  • You must also reset your printer settings after a period of time. Restore the settings to default and change them again as your preference. 
  • Update the printer driver software is too needed. There are various tools available that will help you to do so. However, you can simply reinstall the driver installed on your system and download a new updated Canon MX490 printer setup file.