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Canon Printer Download

Here’s a complete guide on Canon Printer Download. You will get the download process along with the list of all the software and drivers that Canon offers to its users. To educate yourself more about the download, you must look at the provided information.

Described Procedure for the Download of Various Canon Printer Software

Canon printer download plays an important role in the whole process of printer setup and printing. From the start to end, there are various software and drivers required. Some of them are mandatory, while some of them are addition but all these are there to make your printing more fun and easy. 


The process of download requires you have sufficient space in your system. You must make your system free from all the unwanted files such as cache, history, etc. Along with this, Canon asks you to sign in as an administrator on your system for the successful completion of Canon printer download. Once you are done fulfilling the requirements, you can move ahead with the process. To facilitate you with the process, the step-by-step directions are given below. 

  1. In order to perform the Canon printer download process, you first have to arrange a high-speed internet connection. You will require an internet connection throughout the process of the download.
  2. The next step is to open an internet browser on your system to access the required webpage. 
  3. In your browser, you will find a long field for entering the URL. Locate the field and ad type in your required URL i.e “usa.canon.com/support”.
  4. On reaching the support webpage, you will get multiple options to proceed to your product window. You can either specify the model name in the search field from the middle of the screen followed by choosing the appropriate search result from the drop-down list. Another method that you can opt for is to select the product i.e. printer from the list that you can access by scrolling down the support window. After the product, select the series of your printer and model number. 
  5. Once you redirect to the product window, you have to scroll down the screen. As you move downwards, you will find several tabs like Specifications, Wireless help, Manuals, Driver & Download, etc. 
  6. For the purpose of Canon Printer Download, make the selection of the “Driver & Download” tab. Clicking this tab will display the list of the drivers and other Canon Software that you can download for upgrading the performance of your printer. 
  7. As you move further, you have to pick the right operating system. Since the availability of software and drivers differs with the versions of the operating system and the incorrect driver might get stuck in the middle of its installation. Hence, you first have to ensure that the correct operating system is selected. 
  8. Followed by OS, you can also choose the language of the software or driver that you are going to download. To select, tap the Language field and choose the option from the drop-down list.
  9. Beneath the OS and Language tabs, you will have a number of options such as Drivers, Software, Firmware, Utilities, etc. These options are the categories in which all the available Canon Printer Driver Download software are classified. Choose the alternative as per your preference. 
  10. On choosing the option, the software that is available will come into view.  
  11. Review the list, and select the option that goes best with your requirements. 
  12. Followed by making the choice, you have to click the “Select” option.
  13. More details about your selection will appear. Review the file size and to get the specifications, click “Driver/Software details”. 
  14. Once you are confirmed about your selection, hit the “Download” tab. This will start the download of your selected software or driver.
  15. Depending upon the file size and your network speed, the file might take a few minutes to get downloaded successfully. Hence, you must relax and wait for completion.  

List of All the Software and Drivers Available for Canon Printer Download

Canon is the brand that offers a wide range of canon printer software and drivers to escalate its user’s printing experience. Since these printers are designed with complex technology, it becomes important to provide users with various software to make the working of the machine simpler. To make you familiar with the available software and drivers, we are providing a comprehensive list.

  • Printer Drivers

There are two types of printer drivers that are provided to the users. These are MP Printer Driver and XPS Printer Driver. You may select any one of the drivers as your preference. 

  • Scanning Software

For performing the scanning function from your printer, you have to perform the Canon printer download for IJ Scan Utility software. This software is a widely used software that helps you to perform multiple scanning, save the document, application integration, etc. Along with this, there is one more software available for scanning, named as MP Navigator EX.

  • Photo Printing Software

With the increase in demand for photo editing, Canon offered its users with software that enables them to easily edit and print the photos. Some of these software are My Image Garden, Easy Photo-Print Editor, Print Studio Pro, Poster Artist Lite, Poster Artist, and many more. 

  • Smartphone Printing Software

To keep itself updated with the growing technology, Canon has introduced software that helps you to fetch the prints from your handy mobile device. The software that is designed for mobile printing is Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy, Google Cloud Print, Airprint, etc.

  • Utility Software

For analyzing, configuring, as well as maintaining your printer, you are required to perform Canon printer download for accessible utility software.  Some of the utility software that is provided to you are Quick Menu, My Printer, etc. 

  • Other Software

Some other software that you can download is Firmware, Canon IJ Network Tool, Easy WebPrint EX, IJ Printer Assistance Tool, etc.