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Canon Printer Drivers

Canon Printer Drivers are the software that functions as a link between your printing device and the computer system. It helps both the devices in communicating with each other by transforming the data into the language that is recognized and understood by them. In simpler words, the entire printing cycle is carried out by the printer driver. The significant role of Canon printer drivers makes it important to download and install them via ij.start.canon. To have a deep knowledge about the process, you must take a look at the given information.

Points to Consider Before you Download the Canon Printer Drivers

There are a few points, you should recall before you commence the download and installation of the Canon printer drivers. Accomplishing these criteria will help you make the process smoother and more efficient.

canon printer drivers

Quick Guide to Download Canon Printer Drivers

The importance and offering of a Canon Printer Drivers make it necessary to download and install it on your computer system. The process to download the Canon printer drivers is quite simple and easy-to-perform. However, to make the process error-free, we are guiding you with all the required instructions. The following are the steps that will assist you in the process.

  1. Start the process by running a web browser on your computing device.
  2. Now, fill in your address bar with a relevant URL. Use the URL “canon.com/ijsetup”. 
  3. Then, you have to click the “Setup” tab from the Canon printer drivers webpage which appears on your computer screen.
  4. In the next window that prompts, you have to enter the model name of your Canon printer in the available search field.  This will help you to reach your product window and get the download link.
  5. Type in the name and press “Go”. You can also opt for another method for searching for your model. This requires you to choose the first name followed by selecting the model number. 
  6. Thereafter, you have to check and ensure that the right operating system is selected. If you need to change the default OS that is selected, then click the tab and pick the one you want. The OS you choose must be the one on which you want to download and install the driver. 
  7. Once you are done with the selection, scroll a bit and you will get the “Download” link. 
  8. Lastly, press the tab to begin the download. As you click the tab, you will see the file start downloading. Depending upon the speed of your internet, the file will take a time of a few minutes to get downloaded.

By performing these steps, you can download the setup file for the Canon printer. However, there are other methods too. You can either download the setup file from the CD device or via “usa.canon.com”.

Canon Printer Drivers​

Easy and Convenient Steps For Printer Driver Installation

The installation of the Canon printer drivers requires you to follow the given steps. To enjoy the trouble-free procedure, every move has to be carefully observed and followed.

  1. Begin the process with launching the printer driver file. You have to look for the downloaded file in the Downloads folder. To get the installation wizard, double-click the file. 
  2. Now, you have to grant access to the application to run on your system. Following this, you will get a popup box asking you to make the changes. Press “Yes” and permit the application. 
  3. Before you start with the process, Mac users have to confirm the process. Confirmation needs them to enter the username and password and press “Install Helper”. Make sure you skip this step if you are a Windows user.
  4. The installation window will now come in view. In the initial screen, you have to press “Next”. This window also offers you to change the wizard language. Make the appropriate improvements according to choice.
  5. After that, you might be asked to choose the country you are living in. Make the selection to step further.
  6. Further, you will get the list of software that you can download as a part of your printer driver. Check the list and make a decision about the canon printer software you want to download. Checkboxes are provided beside each software. Tick Mark the checkboxes and press “Next”.
  7. Later, you need to form a connection between your computer system and the printing device. There are various methods available to do so. You can either use a USB cable and plug its one end in the printer and another into the system. Another method is to opt for the Wireless connection. To know the procedure better, press the “Help” tab and get the instructions.
  8. Thereafter, you are asked to accept and agree with the terms of the License Agreement. The agreement will contain all the terms and conditions under which you are going to bind.   
  9. Next to this, the Extended Survey will appear. You may or may not accept and agree with that. Depending upon your preference, click the tab and move ahead. 
  10. The installation will now begin. The whole process of installation needs a time of one or two minutes. You are suggested to wait and not close any window until the process gets completed. 
  11. Once it’s done, Canon will ask you to execute the print test. However, you are not bound to do so. If you are interested, then click “Execute” else press “Next”.
  12. In the final window with a completion message, press “Exit”. Here, you are done with the installation process of ij.start.cannon.
Canon Printer Drivers​

Issues you Might Confront and Ways to Solve These Issues

Downloading and installing the Canon printer drivers is not a single-step procedure. You have to go through various steps and processes to get started with your printing. While you are setting up your printer or connecting it to the network, or while installing the printer, you might face the errors that will trouble you. However, it is common to get these errors. All you need is to fix them as quickly as possible and step forward. 

To know more about the errors that you might face and to understand how you can fix them, you must look at the information provided below. Some common errors with their troubleshooting are mentioned. We have tried to provide the easiest and simplest steps to resolve the issues. 

Error 1: Network Connection issues

This is a highly reported error. Many a time, while you connect your printer to the internet connection, you face several errors. It is generally unable to locate and find your printer on the selected network. To resolve and fix the issue, you have to-

Error 2: Display is Blank

If you are facing the issue of blank display even after you have turned it on, then you have to turn off the switch button and plug out the power cord from the printer. After a gap of one or two minutes, you have to plug it again and switch it on. Now, press the power button.

Error 3: Printer Driver is Unable to Install

In case you are facing the same issue, then you must check the printer driver you have downloaded. The setup file must be compatible with your operating system, your device must comply with all the system requirements, the setup file of the printer driver must be for your model of printer. If you have downloaded the correct file and still facing the issue, then: