Canon B200 Error - What it is and How to Fix it?

Printing errors create hindrance and unnecessary interruptions in your everyday work that needs to be eliminated for getting a smooth printing experience. Canon B200 Error is among the common issues that most users encounter when using the printer for printing a page. The error occurs due to faulty and improper printer heads, problematic cartridges, outdated canon printer drivers, etc. If the print head is not clean or the cartridges are installed in the wrong slots or you are sending the commands to your printer using the outdated printer drivers, you may see this error on the printer display. This error will not let you complete the printing process and delay your work. Hence you are required to solve this error instantly when it is displayed on your printer screen. But if you do not have the technical knowledge for resolving this issue, this is the perfect guide for you. This manual consists of some of the best working troubleshooting methods that will solve this issue within a few seconds. 

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Method 1: Perform the Power Reset on your Canon Printer

The simple and easier method to get rid of the Canon B200 error is resetting your printer. When you reset your printer by powering it off for some time, it will go on rest mode and all its key parts will automatically adjust to its proper position. So, look at the given process and quickly reset your printer. 

  1. Power off your printer first. 
  2. Then press the Stop button on the front of the printer for 2 seconds. 
  3. Now, you are requested to press the ON button while holding the Stop button. 
  4. When the power light is lit, keep holding the ON button but you have to release the Stop button for once. 
  5. Thereafter, press the Stop button five times and you should still hold the ON button. 
  6. Now, release both the buttons and wait for the printer to shut down. The power light will continue to blink until the printer is shut down. 
  7. Finally, start the printer after some time. This completes the reset process of your printer. Now try to print and check whether the B200 error displays or not. 

Method 2: Clean the Print Head To Eradicate B200 Error


  • Using the Driver Setup window


  1. First of all, launch the printer driver setup window and click on the maintenance tab. 
  2. Select Cleaning and the Print Head Dialog box will come into view. Pick the category of ink that needs to be cleaned. 
  3. Click Execute and your printer should be turned on. The process of cleaning will begin. 
  4. Wait till the confirmation message displays on your screen. After that, it will show you the Nozzle Check dialog box. 
  5. Click Print Check Pattern and show whether the print quality has improved or not. If the B200 error is still occurring, you have to clean the printheads manually.


  • Clean the Print Head Manually 


To do so, open the top cover of your printer and take out all the installed cartridges. Now pull up the handle and take out the printhead. The printer heads are very fragile so you need to handle them with utmost care. Hold a clean cotton cloth and dip it into warm water. Now, clean the extra ink from the print head and let it dry. Once the printer head is ready to insert back into the printer, install it carefully. Place all the ink cartridges, close the top cover of the printer and check for the B200 error. 

Method 3: Insert a New Cartridge

If your printer shows a B200 error in between the printing process, it must be possible that the installed ink cartridges are faulty. In that case, you should replace the old ink cartridge with a new one. For that, check the hardware specifications of your particular printer and then insert a cartridge that best suits your printer. This may resolve the B200 error.

Method 4: Uninstall the Outdated Printer software and Reinstall

If you are trying to forward the print requests to your printer by using an outdated printer driver, your printer will surely not respond and may show you a B200 error. Hence uninstall the driver from your specific operating system. Once the uninstallation is successful, you should visit one of the Canon websites i.e either usa.canon.com. Select your printer model and then download the latest printer driver. For installation, you have to first link your printer to the computer, acknowledge all the Canon agreements, allow the firewall settings, and finally tick mark the software checkboxes. This will complete the reinstall process of Canon drivers.