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Canon Printer Not Responding Message - How to Fix it?

When it comes to the world of cutting-edge Printers, Canon is undoubtedly the most reputed and reliable brand. It is known for its versatile range of best-in-class Printers that are innovatively designed for unmatched user experience. These state-of-the-art Printers are powered by avant-garde technology to assure unbeatable quality and performance. However, these Printers are still vulnerable to technical glitches just like any other electronic gadget. One of the most common issues that frustrates users of is the Canon Printer Not Responding Message.

Canon Printer Not Responding

Reasons Behind The “Canon Printer Not Responding” Message

“Canon Printer Not Responding” message is an issue that directly affects the functioning of your Printer. In other words, this problem hinders the operations of your Printer. To put it differently, your Canon Printer will not be able to execute your Print Command.     

There are numerous reasons responsible for the issue of the “Canon Printer Not Responding” message. While some are as simple as loose cables. On the other hand, there could be severe malfunctioning behind this trouble. As such, it is essential to identify the root cause and immediately fix this issue. 

Given below are some of the most prominent reasons responsible for this disturbing issue. 

  • Improper Network Configuration
  • Faulty Installation of Printer Driver
  • Network Connection Problem
  • Trouble Related To Driver Software 
  • Issues With Third-party Applications
  • Incorrect USB Ports
  • Compatibility Concerns 

Get Rid Of “Canon Printer Not Responding” Issue

Irrespective of the reason behind the “Canon Printer Not Responding” issue, you must look for the resolutions to keep your Printer functioning. 

In order to fix this issue, you must undertake basic precautionary measures in the very first place. In case you fail to get rid of the problem with these steps. Then, go for the specific troubleshooting steps to eliminate this concern. 

Undertake The Precautionary Measures

In the very first place, you must undertake a complete Power Cycle of your Devices. In other words, restart your Printer, Computer, Router, Modem etc. in a proper sequence. Most of the time, this simple Power Cycle process can fix a number of troubles. 

For Printers Connected With The WiFi Network

  1. First and foremost, ensure the proper functioning of your Network Devices. For instance, your Router, Modem etc. 
  2. Look for the Printer’s Network Status. Ensure that it says “Connected”. In other words, make sure that the Printer is properly hooked to your Home Network.

For Printers Connected With LAN Cable

  1. To begin with, check the connecting LAN Cable for any loose ends. If required, disconnect and reconnect the Cable for proper connection.
  2. Besides that, try connecting the cable to different ports on your Printer and Router/ Modem. 
  3. Also check for any damages on the Cable. If needed, replace it.

For Printers Using A USB Cable

  1. First of all, check the USB Cable to ensure it is properly plugged in to both the Printer and the Computer. In case of faulty connection, simply disconnect it. Thereafter, reconnect it. Ensure that the Cable fits in accurately in the respective Ports of your Printer as well as the Computer. 
  2. Along with that, try to plug in the USB Cable in a different Port of your Computer if the first step fails.
  3. If everything else fails, use a new USB Cable. Make sure the Cable is not damaged.

For Printers Connected With Bluetooth

  1. Make sure to place your Canon Printer close to the Computer i.e. within the specified Bluetooth range. 
  2. Disconnect and Reconnect the Printer to get rid of the “Canon Printer Not Responding” issue.

Follow The Given Troubleshooting Steps

Restart the Printer Spooler Service

  1. Begin the process by accessing your Computer’s “Run Command” prompt. In other words, press the “Windows” Key of your keyboard along with the “R” key. 
  2. As a result, a “Search Bar” will appear on your System. Hence, type in “service.msc”. 
  3. Then, hit the “Enter” key.
  4. Select the “Print Spooler” option from the search result. 
  5. Thereafter, click on the “Restart” tab. 

Run The Computer’s Printer Troubleshooter

  1. Click on the Windows “Start” Menu i.e. the button with the Windows icon from the Monitor’s bottom left-hand corner. 
  2. Click on the “Settings” tab to fix the issue of “Canon Printer Not Responding”.
  3. Now, select the “Update & Security” option. 
  4. On the following window, choose the “Troubleshoot” tab. 
  5. This will lead you to its “Troubleshoot” window. Here, you must select “Printer” to expand it. 
  6. Thereafter, click on the “Run The Troubleshooter” tab. 
  7. Wait for the Troubleshooter to identify the Printer’s problem. 
  8. When it prompts to fix the issue, select “Apply This Fix”.
  9. Subsequently, follow on-screen instructions to get rid of the “Canon Printer Not Responding” issue. 
  10. Finally, Restart your Computer. 

Additional Steps

  1. Configure The Printer Port Correctly
  2. Update Printer Drivers
  3. Uninstall and Reinstall The Printer Drivers
  4. Disable Firewall or other Security Software
  5. Remove the Printer from your Computer’s Hardware List and Add it again