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Canon Printer Setup

Canon is a global brand known for its avant-garde, sophisticated products. Its state-of-the-art Printing Machines guarantees unbeatable experience on account of its user-centric approach. In other words, it allows ultimate ease of operations and deployment. This results in an exceptionally hasslefree process of Canon Printer Setup. 

Understand the Process Of Wireless Canon Printer Setup

Proper Canon Printer Setup is essential for the optimum functioning of these smart Printing Devices. This involves preparing the Printer’s Hardware and configuring its Internet Connection. Following that, make sure to properly Install the correct set of Canon Printer Drivers. However, the actual process will depend on the specific Model. 

Setup The Printer Hardware

  1. Begin the Canon Printer Setup process by setting up the Printer’s Hardware. 
  2. For this, choose a safe and flat surface to lay down the Printer. Also, make sure that it is within the signal range of your Network. 
  3. Now, unbox your Printer with utmost care. Make sure to completely get rid of the packaging material. It is essential to remove the Red/ Orange Tapes from all the sections of your Printer. 
  4. Next, you should plug in one end of its accompanying Power Cable to the Printer and the other end to a Wall Outlet. Then, switch on the same. 
  5. Thereafter, turn it on by pressing its Power button. With this, the “Power Lamp” will turn up. Make sure it remains stable.
  6.  After that, you will have to set up the “Paper Tray” properly. Now, properly load it with A4 size sheets of plain white paper. 
  7. Following that, the process of Initialization and Alignment will begin. Therefore, you will have to wait for it. 
  8. Now, go to the Printer’s Control Panel for completing its Setup Guide. As such, make some selections appropriately. For instance,  “Display Language”, “Date”, “Country/ Region”, “Time”, and “Access Security Measures (PIN)”.
  9. At last, click on the “End” tan and move on to the process of Canon Printer Setup. 

Configuring Printer with SSID LAN Setup

  1. First of all, switch on your Router i.e. the Network Access Point. Ensure that it works properly. 
  2. Also, connect your Computer to this “Network” for completing the Canon Printer Setup process. 
  3. Additionally, ensure that the Printer is connected to a stable Power Source and is switched on. Ensure that its Power Lamp is lit and stable. 
  4. Now, access the Control Panel of your Printer. The Display Screen will bring up its Home window. At times, the Screen may go blank. In case if this happens. Then, check the “Energy Saver” button for a “Sleep Mode” icon. If this button is lit, “Wake” up your Printer by pressing this button. Thereafter, hit the “Home” button. 
  5. Next, you should locate the “Menu” tab by navigating the Home window. Then, tap on it. 
  6. After that, tap on “Preferences”. 
  7. Then, tap “Network”.
  8. When prompted to “Sign In”, type in the “Login ID and PIN/ Password” of your Printer’s System Manager. Then, tap “Login”. 
  9. The following window will display a button for “Wireless LAN Settings”. Hence, tap on it to proceed with Canon Printer Setup.
  10. Then, tap on “Yes” to enable its Wireless LAN. 
  11. On the following window, you will get the required Information about the Wireless LAN. Hence, review it properly. Then, tap “OK”.
  12. Thereafter, select the appropriate configuration method by tapping on “SSID Settings”. 
  13. Subsequently, tap on the “Select Access Point” option. 
  14. As a result, the Canon Printer will automatically search for the available Network within the range. 
  15. This will bring up the list of Networks available for Canon Printer Setup. 
  16. Hence, choose the “SSID” correctly. In other words, you have to select your “Network/ Router Name”. After that, tap on “Next”.
  17. When prompted, select “OK”.
  18. Then, enter the corresponding “Network Password” accurately. 
  19. Thereafter, tap “Apply”.
  20. On the following window, read the given message. Then, tap “Yes”.
  21. Consequently, it will set up the connection of Printer and Network. Wait for the completion of this Connection Setup. 
  22. Finally, it will display a Message Screen that says “Connected”. Hence, tap “Close”.
  23. At last, it will set the IP Address and other details automatically. This will facilitate in completing the Canon Printer Setup. 

Setup The Canon Printer Driver

Canon Printer Driver is an essential software suite for proper functioning of your best-in-class Printers. For this process, you will have to locate the appropriate set of Printer Drivers. Then, download and install them correctly. 

Download The Printer Driver

  1. In the very first place, you will need a commonly used Internet Browser. For example, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, Google Chrome etc. 
  2. Once you get the Browser window, place the cursor on its Address Bar. Now, type in the URL which is “ij.start.cannon”. Then, hit the “Enter” key. 
  3. This will bring up the required Homepage. Here, you should search the “Setup” tab. For this, look at the top left-hand. Then, click on it to access its Setup window.
  4. On the following window, look for the “Search Bar”. It requires you to provide your Printer’s Model Number for Canon Printer Setup.As such, enter the same correctly. For this, look at your Printer’s front side. Alternatively, check your Printer’s Invoice. 
  5. Then, click on the “Go” tab to search the Printer Model. 
  6. Besides that, you can also locate your Printer by navigating the enlisted Model Numbers.
  7. As a result, the following window will display a secure download link for Canon Printer Setup. Hence, click on “Download”.
  8. With this, it will start the downloading process. This process is time-consuming. Therefore, you will have to wait for its completion.

Install The Printer Driver

  1. Begin the process by locating the downloaded Printer Driver Package on your Computer. 
  2. Once located, you must open the same. For this, double-click on it. 
  3. The following window will provide a Security Prompt to validate your System. Hence, click on the button that says “Run”. 
  4. When the “User Account Control” window seeks your permission to initiate the Installation process, select “Yes”.
  5. As a result, Canon Wizard’s Welcome window will appear. Here, you should select the “Language” tab. Then, select a language of your choice.
  6. Thereafter, click “Next”.
  7. The following window prompts you to “Select Your Place Of Residence”. Hence, choose appropriately from this list. Then, click “Next”.
  8. With this, its “License Agreement” window will turn up. Now, review the terms correctly. Then, click “Yes”. 
  9. Thereafter, the Firewall Settings window will turn up. As such, choose the “Deactivate the Block” option. Then, click “Next”.
  10. Subsequently, it will lead you to its “Connection Method” window where you will get the “Wireless” or “Wired” option. In other words, you should make a choice according to your Printer’s Configuration. For instance, if your Printer is configured through the “Wireless” method. Then, opt for “Wireless”. On the other hand, go for “Wired” if your Printer has been configured for Ethernet Connection. Subsequently, click “Next”.
  11. After that, complete the Network Setup process. For this, follow on-screen instructions with utmost care. 
  12. The following window enlists the software available for Installation. Hence, choose appropriately. Then, click “Next”.
  13. Consequently, the Installation will start for the Canon Printer Setup. Hence, wait for the same. 
  14. Finally, click “Exit” once the process completes. Here, it is important to note that Mac users may have to follow a slightly different process. Therefore, follow the on-screen instructions accurately as given by the Installation Wizard.