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Initial Preparations for Printer Wireless Setup

Canon printers are high-technology printers by using which you can wirelessly print from your Android, iPad, Mac, Windows Computer, etc. But for enabling its printing functions, you need to perform “Canon Printer Wireless Setup”. The process is simple and quick but before you start configuring your printer wirelessly, go through the points provided below.

  1. First, you need to assemble your printer. The initial preparation includes unwrapping of your printer and all its hardware parts. Fit all the ink cartridges properly into its place and load the printer tray with papers. Also, check the power LED lights once you turn it on. 
  2. To develop a wireless network connection, you must know your network name and password. To find the credentials, check the label on the backside of your wireless router and look under the “Default Wireless Settings” heading. But if your router does not have any label, locate the credentials on the documentation provided with your router.
  3.  Also, for Canon printer wireless setup on computer, make sure you have installed the printer driver. It helps your computer in coordinating with the printer and hence allows you to personalize all the print settings. 
  4. Further, if you want to set up your printer wirelessly on your smartphone, tablet iPad, etc, you need to install the Canon Print application. The app is specifically designed for all the Canon printer users who want to print directly from their mobile. 

Link Your Canon Printer to Wifi Wirelessly

WPS Connection Method

To Connect Canon Printer to WiFithe starting step is to locate the Wifi button on your printer. You can confirm the button by referring to the manual provided with your printer. Now, press and hold the Wifi button till you notice that the Wifi lamp starts to flash blue. Once the Wifi lamp flashes 2 times, release the Wifi button. To move ahead with the Canon printer wireless setup, you need to go to your access point and press the WPS push button. By doing so, the printer will start displaying the Connecting status indicating that it is searching for your router. While searching, the Wifi lamp and the power lamp continue to flash. Once the WPS router is detected by your printer, the Connected status will appear on the printer screen. Also, both the power and the Wifi lamp will become lit and stable. 

Standard Setup

If your router does not have a WPS push button, you do not need to worry about the printer network connection. There is another easy way for performing Canon printer wireless setup i.e Standard Setup. This is the commonly used method that most users use for building a connection between the printer and router. 

  1. After powering on your printer, touch the Settings icon on the main screen. 
  2. Scroll down the list displayed and select the LAN Settings options. 
  3. In order to install your printer on the wireless network, select the Wireless LAN Setup option. 
  4. By doing so, you will get to see a range of options for Wifi connection. Locate the Standard Setup option and select it. 
  5. If your router is properly set up and powered on, the printer will display its name within only a few minutes. Pick the name of your network name and you will view the passphrase screen. 
  6. Passwords are case sensitive so be careful while typing the password and enter it correctly. 
  7. To successfully accomplish the Canon printer wireless setup, press OK.

How to perform Canon Printer Wireless Setup on Computer?

The new, enhanced, and ultimate technology printers can easily be connected to your computer without taking use of any USB cable. To install the printer on the computer wirelessly, the basic and most important condition is to enable the Wifi on your computer. It is to be noted that the Wifi you have accessed on your computer should be the same to which your printer is linked. Once it is done, the next step is to add your Canon printer to the computer. After doing so, your printer will be able to receive commands from your Canon Printers


  1. Start the Canon printer wireless setup on Windows by accessing the Control Panel application. You can easily locate it from the Start Menu. 
  2. Now, select View Devices and Printers. A new window will pop-up where you will observe an Add a Printer option.
  3.  Just click on it and the printers list which all are connected to the same Wifi network as your computer will come into view.
  4.  Tap on the printer you wish to link and soon you will see that your printer is connected. 


  1. Hover your cursor and place it on the Apple Menu for Canon printer wireless setup on Mac. From the menu presented, select System Preferences. 
  2. A vast number of options will be provided to you, select Print & Scan.
  3. On the left side of the next window, you will notice a list of printers that are already installed on your Mac. 
  4. Below this list, you will recognize a plus sign on which you need to click to detect your printer. Eventually, your printer name will become visible on the computer screen, select it. Now, you can begin to print from your Mac.