Canon Pixma MX490 Ink Replacement Steps

Canon Pixma MX490 is an intelligent and robust multifunction unit that is globally acclaimed for its quality output. This avant-garde Printing Machine is powered by cutting-edge technology, intuitive design and a feature-packed, user-friendly approach. With comprehensive Connectivity Options like Google Cloud Print, AirPrint etc., it has turned into a highly versatile gadget. It is an all-in-one wireless Printer that comes with smart, unbeatable features for unmatched user experience. Despite all this, it is of no use in the absence of specified Ink i.e the Canon Pixma MX490 Ink. 

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Canon Pixma MX490 Ink

This sophisticated Printing Machine is fuelled by Canon MX490 Ink. This includes the Canon PG-245 for black and Canon CL-246 for tricolour. These Ink Cartridges are known for their high yield which means that a single Cartridge will print more pages.

Canon Pixma MX490 Ink

How To Check Canon Pixma MX490 Ink Levels?

Canon is known to offer best-in-class, delightful experience. However, this is possible only if your Printer’s Ink Levels are maintained at optimum status. For the benefit of its users, Canon allows them to check the levels of Canon Pixma MX490 Ink through its LCD Screen and the connected Computer.

Through LCD Screen
  1. Turn On your Canon Printer. 
  2. Go to its Control Panel.
  3. Now, press its “Setup” button to bring up the Setup Menu Screen.
  4. Use the Arrow Keys to move forward and backward. Now, select “Ink Information”. 
  5. When prompted, choose the “OK” option. 
  6. Next, you must choose “Remaining Ink” with the help of Arrow Keys. Then, press “OK”. 
  7. As a result, the LCD Screen will display the status of Ink Levels for both Black and Colour Canon Pixma MX490 Ink Cartridges. 
Through Computer
  1. To begin with, bring up the Canon Printer Driver Setup window. 
  2. Now, go to the Canon IJ Status Monitor. For this, simply click on the “Maintenance” button. Then, click on “View Printer Status”.
  3. As a result, the Canon IJ Status Monitor will appear. Here, you will find the status of Canon Pixma MX490 Ink. 
  4. However, certain Systems may require you to select the “Ink Details” option for the same.
canon mx490 ink

How To Replace Canon MX490 Ink?

Precautionary Measures For Canon Pixma MX490 Ink Cartridge
  1. Replacing Canon Pixma MX490 Ink Cartridge is of utmost importance for the functioning of your Printer. Leaving the Printer without it for more than 10 minutes can lead to severe issues in the machine.
  2. Canon MX490 Ink Cartridge is extremely sensitive. As such, leaving it out of its packaging will result in dried Ink. Hence, make sure to immediately replace it once you have removed the packaging.
  3. Besides that, it is essential to replace all the Ink Cartridges for proper functioning of your Printer.
  4. Additionally, it is important to always install a new cartridge as used cartridges result in clogged nozzles. Due to this, it’s Ink Level Detection mechanism will fail.
  5. Not only that, it is important not to touch the Electrical Contacts of the Cartridge or Printhead Nozzle.
  6. Above all, you must take due care of Ink Spoilage and Stains while replacing the Canon Pixma MX490 Ink Cartridge.
Replacement Process
  1. In the very first place, you will have to turn on the Canon Printer.
  2. Now, retract the Printer’s Paper Output Tray and its Extension.
  3. Go to the Printer Cover. Then, open it. As a result, the Printhead Holder will begin to move. As such, you will have to wait until it rests to its Replacement Position. Make sure you don’t interrupt or force the movement in any way.
  4. Additionally, make sure you don’t leave it open for a period exceeding 10 minutes. Otherwise, the Cartridge Holder will slide to the extreme left. This will result in an error. If it happens, simply close and reopen the Cover.
  5. Thereafter, you must go to the pre-installed Canon Pixma MX490 Ink Cartridge and push it down gently. You should press it till you get a click sound for two times.
  6. After that, you must detach it with utmost care. Subsequently, discard it correctly according to the local laws and regulations.
  7. Now, get a new Canon Pixma MX490 Ink Cartridge. Make sure to remove it carefully from the packaging. Get rid of all the protective tapes. It is important not to shake the Cartridge under any situation.
  8. Thereafter, discard the protective tapes immediately. Once removed, never reattach it again.
  9. Your Printer needs both the Colour and Black Cartridge for optimum functioning. Therefore, make sure to Install them correctly in their appropriate slots. In other words, Colour Cartridge should go in the Left Slot. Similarly, Install the Black one in the Right Slot.
  10. Subsequently, place the Cartridge in a slant position. Then, insert it into the Cartridge Holder. Make sure you don’t push it too far so as to avoid hitting it to the Holder’s Electrical Contacts. Push it in and up. This should be done carefully yet firmly. When it fits into the correct position, it should give a click sound.
  11. Finally, conclude the process by closing down the Paper Output Cover properly.

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