How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi?

Standard Setup Method

  1. In order to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi, turn on your Computer, Router and Printer. Make sure the Printer’s “Power Lamp” is lit with green-coloured light and stable.   
  2. Insert the accompanied Installation CD in your Computer’s CD Drive. 
  3. As a result, it will bring up its Auto-play window. In case it doesn’t turn up. Then, click on the CD icon on your System’s CD-drive. 
  4. Now, click “Run” when you get the Security Prompt window. 
  5. As such, it will bring up the Installer window. Hence, click “Next” in order to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi. 
  6. Follow on-screen instructions until you get the “Connection Method Selection” window. Click “Network Connection” to proceed further. 
  7. Next, you must click on the “Wireless Connection” tab. 
  8. The following window will prompt you to turn on your Canon. As such, turn it on if it is switched off. For this, make sure it is hooked to a stable Power Source by means of its Power Cable. Switch on the Wall Socket. Then, press its “Power” button. This will turn on its Power Lamp. 
  9. Thereafter, click “Next” to proceed with the process to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi. 
  10. The following window will prompt you for “Printer Setup”. Hence, choose the “Connect To The Network” option. 
  11. As a result, you will get the “Setup Procedure Selection” window. This window gives you the option to choose either the “WPS” or “Cableless Setup” method. Now, select the “Cableless Setup” option which is the most convenient method. 
  12. After that, go to the Control Panel of your Printer. Now, look for its WiFi button. Press it till its “Power Lamp” flashes twice. Thereafter, Release it. 
  13. Subsequently, get back to your Computer. On the following window, it will prompt you to proceed further if you properly complete the last step. As such, click “Next”. Alternatively, you will have to repeat the last process. For this, simply click “Start Again”.
  14. Consequently, the blue “WiFi Lamp” of your Printer will start flashing. However, its “Power Lamp” will remain stable. Now, start the Setup process by clicking on the “Next” tab. 
  15. In order to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi, you will have to wait for the completion of this Setup procedure. Meanwhile, the Internet Connection will be temporarily disabled.
  16. On the following “Select Your Place of Residence” window, make an appropriate selection. Then, click “Next”.
  17. Thereafter, specify your “Country” correctly. Then, click “Next”.
  18. When you get the list of available software for Installation, click on the “Select All” tab. 
  19. Following that, it specifies the Hard Disk required to save the installed software. Hence, make a note of it and ensure that your system has sufficient space. Then, click “Next”.
  20. Now, you will get the “License Agreement” window. As such, carefully review its terms. Then, click “Yes”.
  21. On the following Firewall Settings window, click “Next”.
  22. Consequently, the System will detect your Canon Printer and connect to it. At times, it may require you to repeat this process multiple times. For this, click “Redetect”. 
  23. When you get the “Setup Completion” window, look for the “Model Number” of your Printer and the “Network’s SSID(Name)”. Make sure the details are correct. Then, click “Complete”.
  24. After that, follow on-screen instructions and complete the “Print Head Alignment Recommended”, “User Registration” and “Extended Survey Program” process.    
  25. Finally, click “Exit” to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi.     

WPS Push-button Method

  1. In order to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi, turn on your Router and Canon Printer. 
  2. Go to the “Control Panel” of your Printer. Then, search for its Wireless button. This will be a push-button with a “Wireless” icon. 
  3. Now, Press and Hold this button till the corresponding “Lamp” starts blinking. After that, Release it. 
  4. As a result, the Indicator Light will turn blue. 
  5. Thereafter, access your Router. Now, go to its WPS Push-button. Press and Hold it for a while. Here, it is important to ensure that you execute this step within two minutes of performing the last step. 
  6. Consequently, the Canon Printers Indicator Light will blink constantly. This shows that the Printer is trying to locate available Networks. 
  7. Following that, the Power Lamp of your Printer will also start blinking along with its Indicator Lamp. It shows that the Printer is trying to connect with the Network. 
  8. Next, you will have to wait until both the Lamps stop blinking. But, they will remain lit and stable. 
  9. Finally, this concludes the procedure to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi. 

Other Methods

Apart from these methods, there are few other methods to connect Canon Printer to WiFi Network.

Wireless Connection Setup
  1. In the very first place, go to your Printer’s Display Panel in order to connect Canon Printer to WiFi Network. 
  2. On its Home Screen, locate the “Setup” button. Press it and go to its “Setup Menu”.
  3. Now, select the “Device Settings” options. Then, press “OK”.
  4. Next, you should tap on “LAN Settings” and press “OK”.
  5. Thereafter, choose your Connection Mode as “Wireless LAN”. Then, press “OK”.
  6. After that, select “Wireless LAN Setup” and press “OK”. 
  7. Subsequently, go for the “Wireless Connection Setup Method” option. Then, press “OK”.
  8. Consequently, the process to connect Canon Printer to WiFi will complete. However, you will have to wait for its completion. Meanwhile, it will disable the Internet connection on a temporary basis.
Manual Connection

This is another method to connect Canon Printer to WiFi without any hassle. This method supports Canon Printers that come with a touchpad Control Panel. Moreover, it is a simple method wherein you just have to make some selections from the Printer’s Display Panel. As a result, the Printer will automatically detect the available Network and connect to it. However, in case of Password protected Networks, you will have to provide the correct Password. 

Wifi Direct Method

This is one of the simplest methods to connect Canon Printer to WiFi Network. For this method, your Canon Printer must have the “Wifi Direct” button which is available in most of the recent Models. Besides that, your Router must be equipped with a WPS Push-button.