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Install Canon Printer

Canon offers some of the most reliable and efficient printing solutions to its global users. These award-winning Printers are highly productive and versatile. They are powered by advanced, state-of-the-art technology and intuitively designed for unparalleled user experience. But, you need to properly set it up for exploiting all of its benefits. This involves preparing the hardware and configuring it to the Network. Along with that, the most essential procedure is to successfully install Canon Printer. This enables your Computing Device to control the functioning of your user-friendly Printer.

How To Install Canon Printer?

It is exceptionally quick and convenient to install Canon Printer. In order to facilitate its users, it allows installation through two distinct methods. In other words, you can install Canon Printer by means of Installation CD or Website. The Installation process is possible only after downloading the correct set of Printer Driver. However, this is not required if you use the accompanied Installation CD for finishing this process. 

Installation CD Method

  1. In the very first place, you should turn on your Computer. 
  2. Now, insert this Installation CD in the CD Disk Drive of your Computer. Here, it is important to use the same CD that you get in the Printer Package. 
  3. With this, its AutoPlay window will appear to Install Canon Printer. However, if it fails to turn up. Then, go to the CD Drive of your Computer. Thereafter, double-click on it. 
  4. When you get the AutoPlay screen, look for the “Run Setup File” option. Then, click on it. 
  5. Thereafter, a “User Account Control” window will appear. Here, you should select “Yes” or “Continue” to install Canon Printer.
  6. As a result, the Installer’s Welcome window will open up. Hence, click “Next”.
  7. The following window requires you to “Install .Net Framework”. You may not get this window in case if your system already has the software. As such, simply click “Yes” in case you get this window.
  8. After that, it brings up a “Software License Agreement”. Hence, review its terms attentively. In order to proceed further, click “Yes” for accepting them. 
  9. On the following window, it provides you its “Software Installation List”. It allows you to choose the required Software to Install Canon Printer. However, it is recommended to install the complete software package for your Printer’s optimum performance. Hence, click on the “Select All” button.
  10. Then, click “Next”.
  11. Subsequently, go through the remaining steps by following on-screen instructions till you get the Software Installation window. 
  12. Finally, click on the “Install” tab. 
  13. As a result, it will start installing the Canon Printer Drivers. Now, you must wait for its completion. 
  14. Thereafter, click “Complete” on the following  “Setup Completion” window.
  15. Then, click “Next”.
  16. Following that, it takes you to the window showcasing its “Extended Survey Program”. Therefore, review the program details. After that, click “Agree” for enrolling into the same. Else, select the “Do Not Agree” option in order to skip it. 
  17. After that, you will get the “Test Print” window. Hence, click “Execute” to ensure successful completion of the process to Install Canon Printer. 
  18. Once the process completes, click “Exit”.
  19. At last, Restart your Computer. 

Website Method

In order to Install Canon Printer, the Website method is the most reliable and user-friendly option. This procedure ensures that you always have an up-to-date version of the required Printer Driver Software. For this process, you will start with downloading the software from Canon’s official website. 

In other words, you will have to go to the Setup webpage of “canon.com/ijsetup”. This window allows you to search for your respective Printer Model. As such, provide your Printer’s “Model Number” in the given “Search Bar”. Then, click “Go”. Alternatively, you can select your Printer from the enlisted Model Numbers. Once you get the required webpage, look for the “OS” drop-down box at the top right-hand corner. Click on it and select your Computer’s “OS”. As such, you will get a secure link to download the accurate Printer Driver. Hence, click on it. Then, wait for the software to download properly. 

Subsequently, proceed to Install Canon Printer by following the given set of instructions. 

The Installation Process

  1. To begin with, search your System for the downloaded Printer Driver. You may find it at the default download location of your Computer. 
  2. In order to Install Canon Printer, you must open the software file. For this, double-click on it. 
  3. As you launch the Installer, a Security Prompt window will appear. Hence, select ‘Run” to validate your System. 
  4. Now, you will get the “User Account Control” window. As such, click “Yes” for permitting installation on your system.
  5. As a result, its Printer Setup Wizard will open up. Here, it requires you to choose a language of your choice. Hence, click on the “Language” tab. Then, choose appropriately. 
  6. Click “Next” on the following window. 
  7. Thereafter, “Select Your Place Of Residence” carefully. Then, click “Next”.
  8. After that, read the terms of its “License Agreement” given on the next window. Click “Yes” to show acceptance for these terms in order to Install Canon Printer. 
  9. The following window displays its Firewall Settings. Hence, tick mark the checkbox besides the  “Deactivate the Block” option. 
  10. Then, click “Next”.
  11. As a result, it will take you to the “Connection Method” window. It will prompt you to specify the connection method as employed during the network configuration process. In other words, select the “Wired” or the “Wireless” option. Then, click “Next”.
  12. Thereafter, it will take you through the Network Setup process. Hence, successfully complete the process by following the given instructions. 
  13. After that, it provides the list of software available for Canon Printers. Hence, choose appropriately. Then, click “Next”.
  14. With this, the Installation process will begin. However, it will take time. Therefore, you must wait for it. 
  15. Finally, click “Exit”. Then, Restart your Computer.